The Blissful Dog

In the essence of full transparency, as The Most Interesting French Bulldog in the World lives his life as an open book (best-selling, of course), we share with you our sponsor, The Blissful Dog.

Handcrafted from all organic good stuff, The Blissful Dog’s line of NOSE BUTTER®, PAW BUTTER, ELBOW BUTTER, BOO BOO BUTTER and other dog pampering products are available with not just French Bulldogs on the label, but over 60 other dog breeds, mixes and the Just A Nose label. Available in five sizes of tins and four sizes of tubes.

That sounds very grand, in essence it means Kathy built this site and wants you to laugh, have fun sharing the images and then go to The Blissful Dog and buy stuff for your dog.

The Blissful Dog
French Bulldog Nose Butter


The Blissful Dog NOSE BUTTER: For your dog’s dry, crusty or cracked nose. Layers of organic moisturizing goodness melt into your dog’s nose, helping it regain that youthful nose they have so often dreamt of.

Boo Boo Butter for Dogs


The Blissful Dog BOO BOO BUTTER: Organic good stuff for your dog’s discomforts. BOO BOO BUTTER is packed full of organic goodies to heal and help any scrapes, scratches, itchy spots, crusty ear edges or abrasions that may cause your dog dismay.

Paw Butter for Dogs


The Blissful Dog PAW BUTTER: Your dog’s feet accumulate a lot of miles every day (carry your dog, what’s wrong with you?) and need extra paw-pampering. PAW BUTTER, accompanied by a nice paw massage, will have your dog’s paws perfect fast!

Shine On Dog Nose POlish

Shine On! Nose Oil

The Blissful Dog SHINE ON! NOSE OIL: Put some shine and polish onto your dog’s nose. Handcrafted using luxurious organic oils, your dog’s nose will soon be shining and gleaming. Available with roll-on and wand applicators.

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