Tiara French BulldogI was a shy, retiring French Bulldog until I met The Dude. I never frolicked, peed in the house or ate shoes. The Dude’s infinite wisdom inspired me to  run rampant throughout the house, tossing chewed Jimmy Choos in the air and peeing anywhere I damn well please! I am FRENCHIE! Hear me ROAR!


French BulldogsThank you to The Most Interesting French Bulldog in the World for giving us the confidence we needed to set forth and destroy, plunder, and claim all cardboard boxes as our own to do with as we may. You inspire us daily! Tomorrow we may even tackle that box the computer came in. Oh, joy!

—Roxy & B.F. Grace

Great PyreneesNormally I would not lower myself to notice, let alone comment upon the ramblings of a lesser breed of dog. But you, The Most Interesting French Bulldog in the World, have touched deep within my Great Pyrenees soul. I feel kinder, gentler and a bit more tolerant. I may not roll you upon your back when next I see you.

—Zoe The Guardian of All